About Ashlee Elle.

Hello there!
I am Ashlee, and a huge thank you for viewing this blog! I truly appreciate it wholeheartedly.
This blog was created honestly to share the love I have for crochet, crafts, diy as well as personal everyday style. Truly a memory holder of all the things I love designing & making as well as the clothes that I love wearing daily. 
This blog features, Crochet Inspiration, Free Crochet Projects and Items, DIY Tutorial & Patterns to share and  Outfit posts as well. 
I am very much a lover of all things handmade, my heart thrives on creating for my own personal enjoyment and to share! To me, there is nothing more wondrous than having a finished product in your hands after it had started as a tiny beautiful seed of an idea. 
Little bit about me, I am 29 years young. I as well, have a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism.
One of my other passions lie in creating self portraiture in which lies the place where I can truly define my emotions through media. You may view quite a handful of my photographs here on my flickr!
Other than photography, I draw as well, pen and ink abstract little things, though I haven't updated in awhile, I still draw and am planning to upload more of my finished projects! Here on my deviantart.
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If you would like to contact me regarding patterns or any other inquiries concerning crochet, please contact dreaminvintageshoppe@gmail.com.

 All images, patterns as well as text are the property of Ashlee Elle of Dream Crochet unless noted otherwise. Please do not sell, redistribute, nor emulate these designs! Please if you use any of the images, link back to the original source! Thank you!