Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dreams in Vintage.

 Hello and welcome.

This is kind of a place to share photos of the crafts that I have made through crochet, random drawings, fashion and other arts as well. 

I have been crocheting for a few years; however, not entirely dedicated to the craft, I've made scarves here and there though nothing challenging. Currently, the adoration for the art of crocheting has grown immensely, I want to educate myself because I do find the art of it entirely rewarding and calming. There is nothing more beautiful than working on something and perceiving the finish product, that emotion is what keeps me returning back to the world of crochet!

I have been drawing for years as well, primarily weird, odd, random and abstract things. It initially started when I was in grade school, taking notes I would draw around the paper, due to boredom let's be honest here ha. Moreover, I decided to devote a lot of my time to creating these entities and I enjoy it to no end. I love being able to create things I have never perceived before and making them come alive!
Here is the link to a full gallery of my artwork.

*Oh and on this blog I plan to revamp my artwork with color and whatnot!

This is for fun for I love creating and making things! Thanks for viewing!

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