Monday, January 10, 2011

Trying New Things.

First time for everything and anything, I decided to attempt making mittens for the first time. It wasn't as arduous as I had expected, though there is still a lot I can improve on and I'm glad I can perceive that. I wasn't going to make finger holes for the mittens, but I decided that I should go for it, I mean why not? I also, could not decided whether or not to be bows on the gloves so I left one bow on one of the mittens. 
As for the little intertwined crochet ring, it was by pure accident that I made it, but it's cute and I love wearing the little bugger! I'll probably create more and buy little beads and what not to set inside of them, sounds pretty.
Anywho, I am working on a tote, I actually have  a purse that I need to upload as well, but back to the tote I am working on, hopefully I shall finish quite soon, it's quite a feat and quite time consuming! Nevertheless, ideas on what to create next are flying through my mind and it's quite a lovely sight!

Here is a self portrait I did here on my flickr, utilizing some of my left over yarn from a crocheting endeavor!

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