Friday, March 18, 2011

D.I.Y This!

Here is a tutorial on how to create a crocheted bow with a fabric band.
Here are the ingredients included: Cream Yarn, Red Yarn, Fabric, Hot Glue Gun or Fabric Glue, Scissors, 6.0MM Hook. [Missing: A Metal Clasp.]
Start a chain with the cream yarn, Chain 8, depending on how big you desire the bow to be. Double crochet until you get to row 16 or however large you want your bow to be.
After you tie a knot with the cream yarn, cut the piece off. Use the red yarn, attach it to the cream band by single crocheting around, to give the bow a nice trim.
After you are done with the trim, tie the yarn in a knot, cut the rest of red yarn off. Cut a piece of the yarn and tie it around the crochet piece. Tie it and tighten it.
With the fabric, hold it down on the sides so the edges will be neat. Glue the sides down.
Wrap the fabric around the tightened yarn, around the bow, glue the fabric to hold. You might also want to buy a clasp and glue that to the back of the bow as well, so you pin it to whatever you desire.
And you are done!


  1. oh this is so cute! such a great diy project! i'm glad i found your blog! I knit and crochet too and love finding other young knitters in the blog world! it is nice to meet you! :-)

  2. Oh how lovely, nice to meet you as well dear and thank you! :)