Monday, June 13, 2011

D.I.Y This!

I took this D.I.Y Tutorial found here and decided to add a bit of crochet to the straps and to the hood of the bag instead! 
Basic ingredients:
Black Yarn
White Yarn
 Yarn Needle

The Straps:
Up to the crochet part, you want to create two straps, chain as wide as you want and double crochet as long as you want the straps to be. Once, you've finished the straps, you can use an outline for straps and single crochet into the double crochet.
double crochet the straps.
Single crochet into the finished strap.

The hood:
Chain about 18, for the second row, double crochet until you get to row 7, start to decrease, each row until you reach a triangle point, then you are finished. Once again, you will want to use another yarn, like I used the white yarn single crochet into the hood, chain two and single crochet into the next chain.

For detail on the hood, I simple crocheted six chains, connected the start of the chain to the end. After doing so, I double crocheted around the circle, not going into the chain, but around the circle. Once going around at least two times, it is complete.

Connect the rosette to the point of the hood, by threading it in.
[Attach the crochet straps the exact way, the main tutorial stated. Using needle and thread.]


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