Monday, March 26, 2012

The Dream In Vintage: The Crochet Short Pattern.

Note: I apologize ahead of time, if this is a bit confusing to understand, I will do my best to go back and attempt to create clarity in these instructions. I might even create a video tutorial for them.

For this pattern, you can either measure your waistline and hips, legs OR take a pair of shorts that fit you the best and measure it's fit/follow the style of those particular shorts.

Note: For front and back of the shorts, you will have to do this pattern twice. Front of shorts and back of shorts.
  • Create a chain of the measured length. For my waist, it was 24, so I chained 24.
  • [Rows: 1-4] I Single crochet to 4 rows after I chained 24.
  • [Rows 5-11] I increased and started a double crochet for my hips to 54  from rows 5 to 11, depending on how long your shorts are and how long you want them to be.
  • Once I hit the opening of the shorts.
  • [Rows 12-17] I Double Crochet roughly 28 across for my legs and then turned the pattern around to Double crochet more 5 rows.
  • (You can make them as long or as short as you like.)
  • [Row 18] Single crochet the ninth row, slip stitch and cut.
  • And repeat for the other side. 
 Once both patterns are completed. Lay both sides and then sew up up all the sides with yarn, (the parts that are supposed to be sewn together, middle of shorts, sides etc..) excluding the top of the shorts and the opening for your legs of course! :D

*Extra For Fit: To ensure your shorts fit your waist. You can crochet a long strand and loop it through the top, (through the crochet) of the shorts to cinch the waist.

 *Extra For Detail: For the trim of the shorts, a little added detail I, chained 4 and slip stitch into the next open stitch and continue forth.

Please let me know if this tutorial is arduous to follow, I will do my best to clear it up and if you are able to follow it,  plus I would love to see your final products!



  1. This pattern was a little hard to follow, but i'm glad you took the time out to make this :)

  2. Oh thank you, I'm going to attempt to rewrite it to make it a bit more easier to follow. :)

  3. This is the first pattern I've found for making shorts. Thank you! I like how you talked through it...Now to put my hook and brain to work!

  4. what kind of yarn did you use? did you increase gradually for the hips or just all in one row?

  5. Thank you!
    And yes, I did gradually increase in the hips.
    The yarn I used was Caron Simply Soft.

  6. Nice! thanks for sharing (:
    Are you on ravelry?

  7. so basically, I'll make 2 crochet pieces like the 2nd pic above and sew them together right?

    1. Just now seeing the comment...
      Yes, that is correct!

  8. Arg can't get my head around your pattern desperately want to make them they look fab!! its the increase I don't understand in row 5

    1. For the increase, I increased by I believe (by memory) 2 SC into the ST for about 8 ST for my body. I do plan on reworking/rewriting this pattern for an updated/easier to follow look!

  9. I thought it was a very good tutorial...but an even more amazing idea. I am going to make some!