Monday, April 16, 2012

The Crochet Flower Collar Tutorial.

Yarn of your choice 
Hook J/10-6.00MM
Floral thingies (I found them at Walmart)
Yarn Needle

To create the flowers. I crocheted a total of 7.
Chain 2.
Double crochet 6 times in the first stitch.
Slip stitch into next.
Chain 8.
Slip stitch into next stitch.
Continue around until the whole is complete.
Slip stitch and cut.
And you're done. 
To connect the flower petal thingies (not sure what they are called, from Walmart) I used a yarn needle to sew them into the middle of the flowers.
To connect all of the flowers, I slip stitched the end of the petals unto each other, connecting them.
For the tie, connect yarn to the end of the flower, chain 40-45 depending on how large you want the tie to be.

Please let me know if the tutorial was hard to follow! I'll do my best to clear any confusing up for ya! :)

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