Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Crochet Kerchief Tutorial.

Hook I used: K/101/2-6.50MM
Yarn of your choice I used Caron Simply Soft
*I used the mesh stitch technique for this kerchief, I love lacy open needlework especially for the spring times and summer times!
Press Start:
Row 1: Ch 40.
Row 2: Dc 40
Row 3:  To begin the mesh, you : ch2- skip 2 sts- 1 dc
Row 4-13: Ch 5- skip 2 sts- 1 dc- ch2-skip 2 sts- 1dc
(For Every 2 Rows decrease by 1)
Slip stitch and cut the yarn.

To Finish:
For the edging, I simply dc all around the edges, slip stitch and cut.
Then sc around edge, as a finished edge!

You can wear kerchief as a cool head piece or as a light scarf.

And kaboom! You're done! I plan on creating another version of this, perhaps with fringe, hmm...

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