Monday, April 23, 2012

Tutorial: The Floral Oxford Shoe.

Hi! For this particular tutorial, well it's more of a How I Made This.. :) I found a pair of oxfords that fit me super swell with utilizing any laces at all. Furthermore, this tutorial is kind of specific to a certain kind of shoe that might be favorable for you,  depending on its' fit.

The Ingredients I used:
Shoes: White Mountain
Super Glue or A Hot Glue Gun
Plastic Flowers

First, I took the plastic flowers, cut off the stem, leaving a bit of room for the end to go through the shoe string holes. I placed the flower and stem through the hole to make sure that it lined up. 
Once I found the perfect length, it was time to glue it up. I glued the sides, and set the flower stem into the shoe string hole and held it tightly until the glue settled.

And Kaboom! I was done in about 5 minutes!
 smiles! ash.

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