Thursday, May 10, 2012

DIY This! To Top It Off.

I took this cream hat and decided it needed a bit more snazzyness to it. So I crocheted up this flower and sewed it upon the hat for some fun, yup as simple as that!

To make the flower:
Chain 3
SC in first stitch made
DC inside loop, 6 times around
Slip stitch
DC two times in each stitch around the circle.
Slip stitch at the beginning
Chain 1
Use bubble stitch technique (3)
Slip stitch, tie and cut.

To make the leaves:
Here is an older tutorial I made to show how to make it. 

And for the band, 
I simply single crochet around leaving enough to tie a bow in the back of the hat.

So that's how I created this hat accessory! 


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