Thursday, May 24, 2012

Shawl We Dance?

Har har at the title! I crocheted this shawl as a prototype to see how it would come out. I'm starting to work on fall/winter cardigans and shawls, perceiving as they have a lot of work put in them. So this shawl was a step in a lovely direction and I am quite happy with it!


  1. Your shawl is so beautiful. Do you plan on sharing or selling your pattern? I would love to make it. It's simply darling and you wear it well.

    1. Oh thank you truly, I shall look into sharing the pattern. I'd rather share than sell!

  2. No rush...I'm old enough to be your mother if not grandmother but I love love love your style and your sweet spirit. You are a beautiful, intelligent and so creative. I'm learning so much. The ladies at work had better be glad I had to hang it up due to a back injury or I'd be killin it at the