Sunday, June 17, 2012

DIY: The Crochet Studded Bracelet.

Wanting to try out crocheting a bracelet for myself, but with a funky twist, by adding the studs. Plus I love experimenting with diy's, winging it as you go so I created this pattern, utilizing these colors as something I would favor if I had truly caught my eye in a store.
The Ingredients:
I used beading cords as my thread (found at Walmart for a dollar and change)
B/1-2.25MM Crochet Hook
*Measure your wrist in order to accommodate the accurate size for your bracelet.
**When switching from yarn, leave 3/4 of yarn from cutting.
Row 1: Chain 50 with yellow yarn, knot and cut.
Row 2: Add green yarn to attach SC, knot  and cut.
Row 3-4: DC pink yarn, knot and cut.
Row 5: SC yellow yarn, knot and cut.
Row 6: SC green yarn
Row 7: Slip stitch yellow yarn, knot and cut.

For the ends:
When finished, with the extra yarn**.
Braid both sides of the bracelet so that you can tie the ends together.
For the studs:
All you have to do is apply the studs to the main section, which would be the pink yarn and space it as you desire.



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