Saturday, June 2, 2012

DIY THIS! Crochet Bow Cozy.

I used Caron Simply Soft (two different colors)
Crochet hook (I used 5.50 MM hook)
Crochet sewing needle

Row 1: I measured my phone which is an iPhone, I chained 40.
Row 2-30: SC until end slip stitch, tie off and cut.

You're going to follow these instructions twice so that you have to equal parts. The front and back pieces that is.

After I finished both of the parts. I went back on each one and DC around the piece, slip stitch, knot and cut off.
Next, I cut a string of yarn and used my sewing needle to attach both of the pieces together. I set them identically to each other and sewed the sides and the bottom, leaving the opening for the phone to slide in.
After I went through and sewed it twice, I slip stitch, knot and cut off the yarn.

The BOW:
I wanted to utilize the other colored yarn, stripe pattern to give the cozy a bit of pop.

Row 1: Chain 14
Row 2-8: Changed colors SC, between rows
Slip stitch, knot and cut off.
DC around the piece
Cut off a bit of yarn and wrapped it around the middle.
Tie and knot the bow.
Cut off the yarn.

Applying the bow to the cozy:
I used the sewing needle and sewed the bow unto the top of the already made cozy, a few times until it was entirely fastened and knotted it, then cut the rest of the yarn off.

Grab your phone and cozy it up to its new cozy!



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