Monday, June 11, 2012

DIY: Vintage Lace Heels.

Found this tutorial on how to create a vintage lace purse and decided to apply it to a pair of shoes that have been living in my closet for about a year collecting dust!

-A pair of unwanted shoes
-Mod Podge
-I used two paint brushes
(Not shown)
-Blow Dryer or Texas Heat

1. Painting on the mod podge before putting on lace and after.
2. Once applied, I set the heels on the patio, with the Texas heat, it only took 5 minutes at the maximum to dry.
3. I taped down the lace in order to cut the lace off and before to apply more mod podge to ensure that the lace would stick.
4. Cutting off the bits of lace that are left over.


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