Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Felt Bow Cozy.

I've made the crochet bow cozy for my phone and I have a handful of felt just lying around begging for me to use it in the worst way possible, So I took it up on its offer and decided to create a bow cozy using the pink polka dot felt.
Needle and Thread
Glue gun

First, I measured my phone and applied the measurements to the fabric. I cut two samples of the felt (like the photo above) and then I sewed them together, the sides and the bottom with white thread. You are finished the first step.

Cut a long strip of felt. Cut down the middle and sew the two sides together. Once you finish the sewing, cut a thin long strip of felt and wrap it around the two sides that you have sewed together. Pinching the felt in order to make the bow appearance. Use the hot glue gun to glue the long thin strip together.
Once you are finished creating the bow you want to glue the bow, (where you glued the long thin strip together) to the actual cozy that you have already created. More so, toward the middle of the back of the cozy.
And that's how I created the bow cozy!

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