Thursday, June 7, 2012


Here are some items that have been inspiring me quite lately!
From creepers to platforms to lacy ankle socks to maxi skirts. These items entirely describes my style I suppose in the most undecided flip floppy way ha! It's a beautiful wish list that I truly want to become my reality. Oh one day!
1. I've been wanting a pair of creepers again, for sooo long and these are just delicious!
2. Ombre sheer maxi skirt? Yes, please!
3. I love the bright color and patterns in this vintage inspired dress, swoon.
4. So psychedelic! I fear I might wear them everyday and I mean everyday.
5. Dyed yarn, love.
6. Felt of all colors and patterns.
7. Lacy frilly ankle socks, in all colors. They're not just for little girls I say.

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