Monday, July 30, 2012

DIY: Studded Denim Shorts

So I was quite bored with my black denim jeggings and to be honest, they didn't fit the way I truly wanted them to. Plus, I've been wanting to find a pair of black denim shorts for awhile so I figured I'd cut the jeggings up and add some studs and a bit of lace for this diy.
At first I put on the jeggings and used chalk to measure exactly where I wanted to cut the shorts. Seeing how nowadays, I feel like shorts are well, pretty too durn short for my taste, so a little more space is definitely for me. I wanted cuffed shorts, I cut the length with a bit more space so that I sew the shorts once I cuffed them (2&4). After completing, the cuffing, I began the studding which is the best, yet time consuming part!


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