Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dream To DIY: Studded Lace Denim Vest.

Another fun diy post! I went thrifting at Goodwill and came across this denim vest in the little girls section for about $2 which was exactly what I was looking for, for quite awhile. After looking upon many stores showcasing lace vests, I wanted to take it upon myself to recreate and create my own version of the kind without breaking the ol' wallet!
I added studs to the collar of the vest, from studs I purchased from Hobby Lobby and added lace that I bought from Wal-mart on sale for about 2 bucks for a yard. So I sewed with white thread the middle section of the denim vest. Wanting to balance out an edgy and feminine look which is why I went for lace and studs.


  1. adding lace to anything completely attracts my attention goodjob!

    1. oh why thank you and that is completely true!