Sunday, July 22, 2012

What I Wore: The Dark Knight Rises.

What I wore to the Batman Midnight Premiere:
bane poster: given to me for the midnight premiere <3
batman shirt: rue21
skirt: ross
tights: jcpenny's
bat girl shoes: from a shoe store in the mall, can't remember the name! converse
yes comic necklace: gifted from brother, from los angeles
bat sunglasses: party city
batman vintage pin: comic book shop
batman wristband: walmart
bat ring: from a hair supply store
pink/glitter bat hair clip: anime matsuri convention
all other jewelry: glitter accessories 

My lovely collection of Batman shirts that I have collected over the years. It was quite a difficult choice to pick which one I was going to wear to the premiere! Speaking of the premiere, the movie was amazing! I most definitely need to go see it again and again and again! Every aspect of it was exactly what I expected plus more! I just don't want it to end! Ever! Now for a JLA movie needs to be in the works and my life will be made!
 I finished the Secret Six, written by the great Gail Simone and it felt so incredibly fitting with The Dark Knight Rises movie entirely. Especially Bane's storyline as part of The Six. I truly recommend the paperbacks of The Secret Six to any and everyone who enjoys reading graphic novels!

In other feelings, I am quite saddened by the tragedy that is shadowing the movie and my heart goes out to all involved who truly wanted to see this movie. 

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