Sunday, August 19, 2012

Georgia On My Mind.

My trip to Georgia, some key moments from my mini-vacation!
1. The lovely houses that dwell in Savannah, Georgia are simply magnificent!
2. I believe this was outside a pub with British flags about, I thought it was pretty cool.
3. My favorite store in Savannah! It was marvelous, there was even a little lovely cafe inside the store. I purchased some soap and a vintage goodie bag from it as well.
4. Just a bench that had Georgia on it, fun stuff.
5. Paula Deen butter lip balm, yup I bought it. And yes, it taste like buttah :P (I also, purchased the apple pie lip balm which tastes so darn yummy!)
6. My second favorite store that I never had the opportunity to go in and venture into. They were closed the day I found it and the following day. Had tons of vintage games, toys and whatnots in their window. Goodness, I'm a bit jealous of those who live near this store.

Some extra shots courtesy of Instagram:

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  1. Great photos! I totally see you there, in those sceneries and places!