Monday, March 18, 2013

What I Wore: Shout It Out!

dress: Forever 21
belt: off another belt
tights: Forever 21
shoes: Soda
rings: Glitter Accessories
bracelets: Random bit
 Oh Spring is so close I can feel it! So the past week I've been trying to get all of my Fall/Winter (which in Texas is just basically Fall)  worn before the flowers boom, but at this point I could care less! I'm ready for the knee high socks, the dress minus cardigans and lacy crochet digs, just to name a few. Speaking of the crochet digs, I have a few projects, that I am working on like a crochet skirt and a dress. I truly hope they come out the way I plan, plus I'm gonna write tutorials for them! Fun!

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