Monday, April 8, 2013

HandMade: The Crochet Peplum Skirt.

Hello there! Been a bit busy this week with work entirely consuming my craft life and that ain't cool! Though nevertheless, I had this idea of creating a crochet skirt, but somehow a bit different from the ones I've made in the past. I have this lovely Peplum dress and I entirely was captured by the idea to create it utilizing the needlework of crochet! It was my first time crocheting around an elastic band to create the waistband, but it went along swimmingly. For the next time, I do want to make the stitches a bit tighter the next time I make it, though this one is super comfy and cute. Plus, its in honor of my favorite color I am loving for the Spring/Summer times!


  1. Gasp! I LOVE this. Absolutely adorable. I just found your blog and everything is so drool worthy. Love your work!

    1. Oh that is quite lovely to say! Thank you very much!