Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What I Wore: May The Force Be With You.

Hello there! I must say, this polka dot dress is one of my faves, for one is a dress and two it has polka dots, oh how I adore myself some polka dots! Anywho, I found it at Ross, I believe for around 10 bucks and I am quite thankful for that price! It was the only one there and they had my size, enough said, it was meant to be! My vest here, I wrote about it earlier, I re-diyed it, simply adding more studs and some patches for a bit of personality flair. I messed up on the skull part on the back, but I have a patch big enough to go right over it! Along with my Stars Wars belt that I found in the little boys section in Wal-mart, I saw it, I bought it and I never looked back. I'm just elated it actually fits me! In other news, I will be uploading my promo video as well as opening my Etsy to start selling my crochet bows! Woot!
vest: goodwill [diy-ed by me]
dress: sans souci-ross
belt: walmart
wedges: xhilaration-target
accessories: target/glitter accessories/dollar store

Here is my current WIP, I am working on a pineapple crochet bag!

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