Saturday, September 7, 2013

HandMade: My Sheepish Bloom Drop.

So if you follow One Sheepish Girl, there is a yarn bomb going on from September 6th to the 8th, (more info here!) I truly wanted to participate in it this time around. For the flower bombing you can either leave a handful of flowers around with little notes or you can create a set for someone special. I decided to create a handful of flowers, in a bouquet manner, have a specific theme (my favorite season) and put it all together! My mother's birthday happened to land on the dates and she loves Fall, so it just happened to all fall into place! I have written a special little note that I will attach to it as well.
I used about 8 different colors to create the cozy for the cozy which was an old candle and bought sticks to attach the flowers from the craft store! The cozy can be reused either to store jewelry or little bits and bobs! Also, for the flowers, I have also attached pins to the back of them so she could wear them on sweaters, so they can entirely be used on and on.

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