Tuesday, October 1, 2013

DIY Tutorial: The Crochet Chain Clutch.

Oh hello & Happy October!  It is my favorite month, for one, it's Fall and it's my birthday month! Here I have made a tutorial on how I made my crochet chain faux leather clutch! I found this clutch at Ross, for $2.99 because it was damaged (a jewel was taken off from the front of the clutch) and I could not pass it up. I knew a project was to be made from it! At first, I thought to apply studs, but I found it to be a bit expected for me to do. So the next idea that popped in my head was to somehow to bring the world of crochet into play and this is what came out of that little idea!
The Ingredients: (I used)    
>>3 various colors of yarn (of your choice, the colors I used: Cream/Dark Grey/Burnt Orange) >>H/8-5.00MM Hook    
>>Yarn Sewing Needle    
>>Crochet technique (Chain) 
>> Mod Podge or Hot Glue Gun
>> Faux Leather Clutch
>> Paintbrush
Step one: Crochet a chain, use whatever color you would like to fit the area of the clutch. You'll want to measure out each chain to ensure it fits the area suitably.
Fast Forward: I made about 17 chains of various sizes as well as colors.
Step two: Once the chains are complete, I glued the area that the first chain would be set upon.
I would place my fingers onto the clutch until it entirely dried, it only took a few seconds!
Fast Forward: I continued this method until all of the chains were pressed firmly into place.
Step three: I cut the edges of the clutch and after that task was complete, I re-glued the chains that needed a little extra glue and then I was done!

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