Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Tutorial: The Chunky Crochet Boot Cuffs.

Hello there! I've made this free tutorial/pattern based on a pair of leg-warmers that I saw at Target a week ago. I thought it would be an awesome DIY to whip up for this week, so I made my own version of the item. Please feel free to modify it any kind of way you please, this is just a how I made these boot cuffs. Oh, and let me know if any clarification is needed! :)
The Ingredients: (I used)      
>>Yarn: Deep Sage (Caron Yarn)
>>The hook:  J/10-6.00MM  
>>Tools: Scissors      
>>Crochet technique with abbreviations:
(Chain[CH]/Half Double Crochet [HDC]/Single Crochet [SC] Slip Stitch [SS/] DC [Double Crochet])   
>> Skill Type: Beginner/Intermediate
Step one: You will want to measure the circumference of your calf, mine was about 27 ST. After [27] chains, CH 1.
Step two: HDC for two rows and you will connect each after each row. The total will be 3 rows of HDC.
This is what the bottom of the cuff will look like!
Step three: After the 3 HDC. This is the increase for the chunky part. CH 2.
(4th Row)
1 DC into the following 2 STS
For the 3rd ST

2DC into the 3 ST
CH 2

DC into the following 2 STS
You will repeat this method throughout the 4th row, connecting at the end of the row.
It will look like this!
Step four: 5th row: CH 2
DC in the the same ST as the CH 2.
Now you will CH 1
Skip the following ST 
DC into the following 2 STS
Skip the following ST
 DC into the following 2 STS
This will be repeated for 13 rows or however long you want it to be. I chose 14 rows of this method.
Once the length is desired of the cuff.
(Mine was at row 20.)
You will now, HDC the final row.
Final step: Slip stitch, cut and weave in the ends.

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