Tuesday, December 10, 2013

DIY: Crochet Gift Card Holders.

Seeing as the holidays are swiftly approaching and I thought I'd whip up a Christmas Holiday themed project where you can utilize this project towards your own gift giving items. I love the idea of giving gift cards to those and offering them the liberty for them to choose their own gift. The idea of crafting a cute little holder to go with it, adds a little handmade touch, so it doesn't feel like you just handed over a card. So here is fun project that will only take a few minutes to make!

The Ingredients
>>3 Colors of Yarn/Red/Green/White all from Red Heart Yarn Super Saver Bundle
>>Yarn Sewing Needle
Crochet Techniques with abbreviations:
>>SC= Single Crochet
>>HDC=Half Double Crochet
>>SS=Slip Stitch
>>DC=Double Crochet 

Video Links for Alternating Colors
>> Link #1
>> Link #2 
>>Link #3
>>Link #4
"The Wrapped Present Gift Card Holder"
Row 1: CH 21
Connect the last ST to the very first ST
*You will work in rounds
 Row 2-12: DC the entire Row
Connect the last ST to the beginning of the Row 2 ST
CH 1
Continue this method to Row 12

For the bow design on the card holder
With the Red Yarn
CH 13
Tie and cut off.
This is for the middle of the holder/Vertical.

CH 8
Tie and cut off.
This is for the middle of the holder/Horizontal.

Sewing the CHS onto the card holder
You will then cut off a bit of yarn and sew into the STS
Sewing the CH to the middle of the card holder
As well as across the card holder

For the bow on the card holder
 CH35, Knot and tie off
Tie the chain into a bow
 Sew the middle of the bow to the middle of the card holder
"The Stocking Gift Card Holder"
Now this inspired tutorial for is from [link here]
Slightly modified to fit the gift card!

"The Striped Candy Cane Gift Card Holder"
Start with the Red Yarn
CH 19
Connect the last ST to the 1st ST

Onto alternating the White Yarn

HDC the entire Row connect the last ST to the beginning 
You will alternate to the Red Yarn
Continue this method
You should have 9 Rows of Red/White Stripes

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