Tuesday, January 28, 2014

DIY: The Crochet Scarf Wrap.

Hello there! It's Tutorial Tuesday and this week, I wanted to share this double crochet scarf wrap!
 The Ingredients:

>> Scissors

>> G/6 -4.25 MM Crochet Hook

>> Yarn of your choosing
>> Yarn Sewing Needle

Crochet Techniques with abbreviations:
>>SC= Single Crochet
>>HDC=Half Double Crochet
>>SS=Slip Stitch
>>DC=Double Crochet
CH 13
Turn and HDC the entire Row 2
Row 3:
DC the entire Row, turn.
It will look like this!
You will continue DC until you reach Row 8.
Row 9: (For the scarf hole)
DC for 4 STS
CH 4 
Skip 4 STS
DC into the next ST to complete the Row.
After the 4th skipped ST
(See photo above)
Row 10:
HDC the entire Row, turn.
HDC for 8 Rows
Until you reach Row 18
For Row 19:
SC the last Row.
SS, cut, and sew in the edges.

For the finished look.
SC around the entire scarf.
SS, cut, and sew in the edges.

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