Tuesday, January 21, 2014

DIY: Crochet Skinny (Bow) Scarf.

Hello there! I wanted to make a simple and easy tutorial to make this crochet skinny scarf, so that you can wrap it into a bow! I will probably make another variation of this concept, but in a different manner in the near future!
The Ingredients:
>> Scissors
>> H/8-5.00 Crochet Hook
>> Yarn of your choosing

Crochet Techniques with abbreviations:
>>SC= Single Crochet
>>HDC=Half Double Crochet
>>SS=Slip Stitch
First step: CH 5
Next, for the 1st Row you will HDC the entire Row & turn
For the 2nd Row, you will SC the entire Row & turn
You will repeat this method of HDC and SC until you reach Row 144.
End the Row with a SS, cut and weave in the ends.
Your finished project all rolled up!

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