Saturday, January 11, 2014

What I Wore: Back To Life, Back To Reality.

Hello & Happy Saturday! I wore this outfit yesterday, when Cece and I, had a bit of girl time, with yummy cupcakes and browsing through a few stores. It's truly lovely catching up, discussing the future and discovering awesome little finds!

Might I say, this tapestry skirt, I am quite over the moon for it. I had a handful of clothes in my hands and they all were put back. There were only a few left and if I had to gain or lose weight just to fit the skirt, I didn't care, it had to come home with me. I know it sounds a bit on the side of crazy, but that's kind of how it should be. Right?

On a side note, I'm really excited about this crochet project I am working on, I am just hoping it all pans out the way I am seeing it in my head. It's a fun little roller coaster of a ride and I cannot wait to share the ups and downs with it quite soon!

Now I am off to enjoy my Saturday, I hope you enjoy yours!

What I Wore:  
top>> lc by lauren conrad
cardigan>> sonoma  
skirt>> bcbg generation  
tights>> target (years ago, note the holes..)
socks>> jcpenny 
shoes>> steve madden  
ring>> grocery store
bracelets>> betsey johnson/target/kohls/glitter accessories
purse>>betsey johnson
crochet hat and crochet bow scarf>> handmade by me (Dream In Vintage Shoppe)


  1. Every time I try to tie by scarves in a bow, it ends horribly. >_< Yours looks so great! I love your skirt too! The colors and textures are right up my alley!

    - Anna

  2. This is super cute - I love the color palette. <3