Tuesday, February 11, 2014

DIY: The Crochet Heart Collar.

Hello there! It's Tutorial Tuesday and this week, one of the tutorials I wanted to share, is this crochet heart collar!
The Ingredients:  
>> Scissors  
>> H/8 5.00 MM Crochet Hook   
>> 2 Yarn of your choosing (Red/White)
>> Yarn Sewing Needle

Crochet Techniques with abbreviations:
>>HDC=Half Double Crochet
>>DC= Double Crochet
>> TC= Treble Crochet
>>SS=Slip Stitch

Links on How to crochet a heart:
 #Link 1  (written)
# Link 2 (video)
CH 40
Row 2:
HDC the entire Row
From left to right:
Row 3:
DC 2 times in each ST

Row 4: (Middle photo)
DC in first ST, then DC 2 times in the following ST
You will repeat this method throughout Row 4

Row 5:
DC the entire Row
Row 6:
DC the entire Row
For the Straps:
CH 40 (each for 2 straps)
Sew both of the straps unto the top of the collar.
Securing them with a SS.
For the Heart:
Note: You can utilize whichever pattern you may choose.
CH 4
Connect the 4th ST to the 1st
3 CH
3 DC
3 TC
3 TC
CH 1
3 DC 
3 TC
CH 2
Insert hook into middle of heart, pull through, cut yarn and tighten.

Cutting a piece of yarn. Thread the yarn to sew the heart, through the outer CH, onto the front of the collar!

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