Tuesday, April 29, 2014

DIY: The Easy, Simple & Clean Crochet Camera Strap.

Hello and Happy Tutorial Tuesday to ya! This week, I was inspired by my film camera crochet strap that I made a handful of years ago. Realizing it was a bit beat up and could use a Spring pastel update to it, I thought to create up one of my ideas of crocheting a camera strap. I entirely plan on creating more, different versions of course!
My old crochet camera strap!
The Ingredients: Left to Right.>> Crochet hooks: F/5-3.75MM & H/8.-5.00MM + Yarn sewing needle
>> Yarn of your choice (Sugar and Cream)
>> Scissors
>> 2 Key Rings and 2 Lanyard Hooks 

Crochet Abbreviations:  
SC= single crochet
SS= slip stitch
CH= chain 
TO= turn over 
STS = stitches
With the F/5-3.75MM hook. 
CH 4
Row 1: SC into all of the 4 STS, TO
Continue to Row 115
Cut and SS.
For the Edging, use the H/8.-5.00MM hook.
SC around the strap.
Cut and SS, sewing in the remains.
With the end of the straps, wrap the end of the straps around the key ring and with the sewing needle, sew the strap very tightly. (I sewed it a handful of times, just for safety purposes!)
With the lanyard clasp, connect it to the key ring and then connect it to your camera.

Hope you have fun creating your own!
ashlee elle.

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