Thursday, May 29, 2014

HandMade: Gardenia, The Crochet Dress.

Hello there! Here is my latest WIP, from last weeks', "On My Hook." I am very excited about this dress, it's actually one of my favorite experimental designs in the dress category that I have made. Primarily, because of the neckline, I have been wanting to create some sort of intricate pattern and I just love the way it came out!

Truthfully, this dress was supposed to be all solid, all one color; however, after going to at least three different craft stores. I could not find the color at all, it was pretty ridiculous.  So I decided on a whim to stripe it up and in the end, I like it a million times more than it being a solid dress. Plus, it's an experimental design so I can do what I want!

Project Details:
The yarn I used was Caron Simply Soft Yarn, featuring Off White/Orange.
The hook I used was a H/8-5.00MM.
The Gardenia crochet dress pattern is entirely experimental from my own pattern.

 Now I am off to finish up a project, have a lovely weekend!
ashlee elle.


  1. this one is my favorite! LOVE the stripes! i will make it in a heartbeat if you write a pattern for it!