Thursday, May 1, 2014

HandMade: The (GOT) House Stark Sigil Crochet Tank.

Hello there! From last weeks', "What's on my hook," one of my prized tv shows have come to life in the form of crochet for me. Game Of Thrones will forever go down as one of my favorites, right next to Buffy, Breaking Bad and Firefly.

Back to the tank, the House Stark sigil is the first set that I wanted to create to exhibit my adoration for the series. I first started with creating the design, in which I crocheted row by row and did not utilize a tapestry technique. I wanted at first to create a sweater, long sleeves and all, out of this design, but perceiving that Winter is not coming for awhile (har har) I opted for the tank situation.

I must say, the tank is super breezy and comfortable and I do intend on creating more! Especially GOT themed!

Project Details:
The yarn I used was Red Heart Yarn, featuring Black & White.
The hook I used was a H/8-5.00MM.
The tank crochet pattern is entirely experimental.

Got love for Game of Thrones well which sigil should I create next?
Much love, ashlee elle.