Tuesday, June 17, 2014

DIY: The Crochet Way Lacy Headband.

Hello there & Happy Tuesday to you! I've made this crochet lacy headband for the summer time to share with whoever would like to make one of their own! You can wear it multiple ways and also find a creative method to create artistic shots too!
>> Scissors
>> Yarn Thread
>> Crochet Hook [C/2-2.75MM]

Crochet Abbreviations:  
SC= single crochet
HDC= half double crochet
DC= double crochet
SS= slip stitch
CH= chain   
TO= turn over
ST(S) = stitch(es) 

Start a CH of 12.
1st Row: HDC the entire Row
2nd Row: CH 3, Skip 1 Space and DC into the following ST.
3rd Row: CH 3, Skip 1 Space and DC two times into the following Space, CH 1 Skip a Space and DC into the next ST, CH1 and DC 2 times into the following repeat method until end of Row.
You will repeat from the 1st Row, 2nd Row and 3rd Row until you reach the 60th Row. Alternating between each technique.
For the lacy trim, HDC three times in the loops, SS into a following ST and HDC 3 times in the next ST. (see photo above.)
You can even utilize the headband as an artistic filter for portraits!
Just have fun creating!
ashlee elle.

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