Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dream Crochet Shoppe Preview Fall/Winter 2014.

Hello there! I had in my mind for quite awhile, the idea to create a fun little promo/webmercial video for my Etsy shoppe and feature some new items that I have been working on. My brothers and I came together to create the first of many, a webmercial/preview for my shoppe! 
A big thank you to my brothers for assisting, directing just all around being awesome to help create this!

Plus, I am looking forward in the future into creating more of these videos and more video tutorials/free patterns on my video channel>> Dream Crochet Channel.

Hope you guys enjoy! 
Where you can find a handful of the items seen in the video, in the Etsy store:

 Please email if you have any inquiries regarding the video!

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  1. Saw this on my phone when you posted it. But I love it more on the big Screen!!