Thursday, November 13, 2014

HandMade: The Crochet Crimson Hills Dress.

Hello there & Happy Thursday to you! This dress was made for layering! I specifically created this v-neck dress to be layered with this denim top. It was my first time creating a top of any sort with this kind of neckline and I am elated on trying it again. I entirely utilized a simple technique to create this dress, I usually do when it comes to the bigger projects I create, so that the design isn't too overwhelming with the degree of difficulty.

Dresses are simply one of my most favorite designs to crochet. At first, they did appear quite frightening to be honest, but it's every bit of awesome. It might take a bit of time, but the end result is always worth the effort put into it. It's much easier once you've created a few times, y'know practice makes perfect!

One of the crochet hat designs I have made is still open for daily voting! I would very much appreciate your vote, which can be cast HERE!!

Project Details:
The yarn I used was Red Heart Super Saver (Scarlet Red)
The hook I used was a K/101/2-6.50MM
The Crochet Crimson Hills Dress pattern is entirely experimental, made from my own pattern! Planning to place the pattern for purchase on my Pattern Shoppe!
Always craftin'!
ashlee elle.

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