Thursday, February 19, 2015

HandMade: The Deep Blue Sea Crochet Cardigan.

Hello there! Happy Thursday to you! I've been wanting to create a cardigan all year long, especially a chunky one and I have to say this one of my favorite pieces to wear. For the design, I had a few little details that I omitted, like adding buttons or pockets, though I opted to keep it a simple design.

What I love about this crochet cardigan, is that it is incredibly warm! I recall trying it on once it was complete and I didn't want to take it off at all. It has the comfy sweater vibe that I am extremely all about right now, especially in these lovely chilly weather changes. This cardigan is easy to make and perfect to wear either during a cold winter day or to bring to a freezing movie theater night!
The The Deep Blue Sea Crochet Cardigan Pattern Available Here
ashlee elle.

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