Thursday, June 11, 2015

HandMade: The Lively Co-ord Crochet Skirt and Crochet Top.

 Hello there! Hope you're having a lovely week! This design was brought about for my recent new love, coordinating outfits. I love the notion of having your outfit all sorted together, matching so perfectly. To be honest, I'm a huge mix and matcher (which will be another collection in the near future!) so creating a piece that go hand in hand with each other, would be out of the question. Though honestly, I think it's an awesome collaboration of two pieces that were simply meant to be.

This crochet pattern is an easy to follow, make it your own, longer or shorter design that you can create to your own personal style. Which is what my patterns are all about! I love this concept and I  am entirely not even thinking about stopping here! 

Pattern Details:
The yarn I used: 1 Jumbo Skein in white [Lion Brand Impeccable Yarn]
The hook I used: H/8-5.00MM

Get The Lively Co-Ord Crochet Set Pattern at:

x, ashlee elle.

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