Thursday, November 19, 2015

Dream Crochet // Men's Pop Up Collection Fall/Winter 2015.

Hello there! This is a project I have wanted to create for quite awhile, a pop up collection primarily for the dudes! With the assistance of my brother, Ethan, who assisted entirely with the concept/design and was so kindly the model as well. We came up with some items for the fellas that align with the Fall and Winter seasons, enjoy!

Check out the Men's Fall/Winter Pop Up Collection at:
The Voyager Crochet Cardigan Pattern
 The design for this cardigan, wanted to create an interesting structure with more of a drape effect aligned with wooden buttons.
The Duo Crochet Sweater Pattern
 The design for this sweater, was to take a simple concept of a sweater and add a bit of detail with the cable stitch cuffed sleeves.
The Over-Sized Crochet Scarf
 This scarf is so incredibly soft and is entirely full of warmth, a great accessory to wrap or just have the scarf hang!
The Crochet Finger-less Gloves
Three color toned gloves with a cable stitch technique, keep your hands warm, but also look pretty stylish for the Winter season!
The Crochet Hat
This crochet hat, very simply designed with two colors, with the softness and the dual comfort of warming your ears with it's over-sized structure.
The Crochet Bow Tie
Keep it classy for the Holiday Parties that are coming up, just a handmade touch to any outfit!
The Crochet Boot Cuffs
Simple cable stitch boot cuffs for that extra bit of warmth and style!
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