Tuesday, December 29, 2015

DIY // How To Crochet Super Chunky Mittens! Free Crochet Pattern!

Hello there! I hope you had a lovely Christmas & Holiday! It's been crazy cold here in Texas, which I am quite fine with, just means I get to layer up even more crochet goods. The one item I am quite low on are Mittens! I've had a ton of this yarn, just sitting on the sidelines longing to be used and now I have finally put it to good use. With these super chunky and super cozy mittens, warmth is entirely an accomplishment with this project!
Crochet Hook>> N 9.00MM  Craft Scissors   Yarn Sewing Needle
  Yarn used>>2 Skeins [Lion Brand Quickie Rapido Yarn] Super Bulky 6 in "Tangy"

  Stitch guide:    HDC= half double crochet// SC=single crochet// DC=double crochet// SS= slip stitch //ST(S)= stitch(es)// CH= chain RND[number]= Round

Note: You will be starting from the top of the mittens working your way to create the opening. Also, You will be working in round.
Connect the last ST to the very first ST, by SS.
RND1-RND7: HDC into all of the STS, at the end of each Round, SS to connect and continue work.
RND8: HDC into 4 STS, CH 1, Skip 1 ST and HDC the remaining Round, SS to connect and to continue work.
RND9: HDC into all of the STS, (including the skipped chain] at the end of the Round, SS to connect and continue work.
RND10-RND11: SC into all of the STS, at the end of each Round, SS to connect and at the very last Row, SS to complete work.
To create the thumb section. Next, you will insert your hook into the skipped ST, from Row 8 and begin to work in 3 Rounds of SC, SS to continue work until you hit the final 3rd Round, you will SS to complete final work.
Note: You will be repeating this method twice, with this pattern you can wear the gloves on either side of your hands!
Finished Product.
ashlee elle.

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