Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Dream Crochet Winter Giveaway!

Hello there! I am currently doing my fourth and the last Dream Crochet Giveaway of the year!
All of these designs were constructed, designed, handmade by me and I have to say, this is one of my favorite collections that I have created so far! 
Truly, I wanted to have a theme for the Winter Collection which was a color theme of Grey/Black/White. When I think of Winter, I think of chunky wear and hot cocoa, sitting comfy, peaceful by the fireplace. Theses are the items I have designed with that beautiful notion in mind. When planning this collection, I wanted to solely utilize specific colors for this collection, at first, I was a bit frightened, hoping the items weren't too close in design, but I have to say I'm really elated on how they all came out! I love the warmth that each design retains and most importantly how incredibly warm and comfy they all are. Each pattern utilizes basic crochet techniques and they are quite easy to construct.

ALSO, all of the actual items entirely Ready to Ship, will be placed on my Etsy as well!

                                                                           Back to the Contest! 
                                                      Visit The Dream Crochet Instagram to enter! So one winner will receive of their personal choice 4 FREE CROCHET patterns from the 10 new designs I have crocheted!  Also, after the Contest is complete, I will be placing All of the patterns along with a Special Collection Bundle Pattern Package for All of the patterns in an Online Ebook on my Etsy>>

Featuring these Items!
The Flurry Crochet Sweater 
The Blizzard Crochet Sweater

The Frayed Denim Crochet Skirt 

The Hounds-Tooth Crochet Skirt

The Ski Lodge Crochet Dress  

The Hot Cocoa Crochet Sweater 
The Warm Tea Crochet Cardigan

The Cold Nights Crochet Dress
The Light Snowflake Crochet Dress
The Winter Wonderland Crochet Dress 
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