Tuesday, July 19, 2016

DIY // How To Crochet A Summer Fringe Infinity Scarf! // Free Crochet Pattern!

Hello there! I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I've had this yarn hanging around for quite awhile and I've been wanting to create something fun to wear for the Summer!
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Ingredients:     Crochet Hook>> I/9-5.50MM  Craft Scissors // Tapestry Needle //1 Skein of  Yarn // Medium 4 // Needle and Thread // Measuring Tape
  Stitch guide:    HDC= half double crochet// SC=single crochet// DC=double crochet// SS= slip stitch //ST(S)= stitch(es)// CH= chain R[number]= Row

CH 87, Connect the first ST to the last ST. R1-R10: *Turn work and CH 2. DC into the first ST, CH 2, Skip 2 STS, DC into the following ST, CH 2, Skip 2 STS, DC into the following ST..[*Repeat this alternating method until the very end of the Row, at the end of the Row, SS to connect, turn work.] At the final ST, SS to complete work.
Next, to create the Fringe.
Cut approximately 27 inches for the strand of yarn. Create about 60 sets of 2 strands for each open space for the scarf.
Once completing all of the strands. 
You will combine the two strands to pull through the open space at the bottom of the scarf. Next, you will knot the strands through to secure the position.
 Tag your creations with #dreamcrochet Happy Crafting! Ashlee Elle.