Tuesday, January 31, 2017

DIY// How To Create Your Own Crocheted Scrunchie// Free Crochet Pattern!

Hello there! I hope you are having a lovely week so far! Being a major 90's kid, I thought I'd create a free pattern of one my favorite accessories! Scrunchies!

Ingredients:     Crochet Hook>> L-8.00MM  Craft Scissors // Tapestry Yarn Sewing Needle //Half a Skein of  Lion Brand "Faux Fur Fun" Yarn // - "100% Acrylic" // Needle and Thread // 2 Safety pins [Not Shown] Pom pom maker
  Stitch guide:    HDC= half double crochet// SC=single crochet// DC=double crochet// SS= slip stitch //ST(S)= stitch(es)// CH= chain // Round[number] Row[number]

Note: I made my scrunchie a bit bigger due to my hairstyle!
First, I cut the elastic band approximately 5 inches.
From there, I chained 17 for 16 STS, about 2 inches longer than the elastic band length, so that there will be the element of "scrunch" within the finished product.

For Row 1-Row 5: HDC into all of the STS, for all the rows, creating a 2TCHS once each row was complete. After the final row, (5) SS to complete work!
 Next, using your yarn sewing needle and a strand of yarn. Place a safety pin at the end of the elastic on both sides. Now, sew around the elastic, securing it with the yarn, weaved through the stitches. Cut yarn.
 Now with your needle and thread, sew the elastic band together securely. After the completion of the band, sew the ends of the yarn of the scrunchie together, once again using your yarn sewing needle and a strand of yarn. Once you have successfully secured the scrunchie together, cut the remaining strand and it's ready to wear!

Happy Crafting!
ashlee elle.
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