Tuesday, April 18, 2017

DIY // How To Crochet Summer Drawstring Bag. Free Crochet Pattern!

Hello there! I've been way too excited to utilize my scrap yarn that was inspired by Caron cakes. This summer bag is a DIY that I'll entirely be recreating for myself! Enjoy!
Crochet Hook>> H/8-5.00MM   
Craft Scissors    
Yarn Sewing Needle
Yarn used>>1 Skein I used scrap yarn to emulate a Caron Cake) Comprised of yarn from Caron Simply Soft Medium 4
Stitch guide:    
HDC= half double crochet       
SC= single crochet
SS= slip stitch
ST(S)= stitch(es)
CH= chain 
R[number]= Row 
RND= Round
You will be working in rounds to create the bag.
CH 51
Work into the second ST from the Chain.
RND 1-RND 4: SC into all of the STS for all the rounds to increase the oval...Until you reach the last ST then you will SC three times into the final ST. Total of 58 STS by Round 4, increasing by 2 STS.
RND 5: HDC into all of the STS (Repeat this method for the entire Round, connect at the end of the Round and CH 3.)
RND 6-RND 15: DC into the first ST, CH 1, Skip 1 ST, then DC into the following ST.. (Repeat this method for all of the Rounds, connect at the end of the Round and CH 2.)
RND 16: CH 3, skip the first ST to HDC into the following ST, HDC into the following stitches until you hit the opposite side of the oval (Stitch 20) CH 1, Skip 1 ST, then HDC into the remaining STS. SS to complete final work.
To make the chain for the straps. Where you created the skipped space from Round 16. Insert your hook and chain 75 or to desired length. Once chained, insert hook into the opposite sides skipped space from Round 19 to SS to connect. [Pictured Right.]

To create the drawstring for the cinched appearance. Only use a Chain 88 to weave in between spaces created from Round 18. Skip every other space. [Pictured Left to Middle.]
Happy Crafting!
ashlee x.

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