Monday, December 14, 2020



 Hello there!
Oh it's crazy that it's Winter already! So this Collection has been on my mind for awhile, wanting to stray away from Winter colors and implement more pastel, a bit more uplifting styles for the chilly season. So this Collection is one of casual, cozy and cheerful vibes that should convey a sense of comfort as well as easy styles.

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8 Brand New WINTER Designs

 "The Galad Crochet Sweater"
Long sleeved turtleneck crochet sweater with outer detailed sleeves.

 "The Supernal Crochet Skirt"
Long length, elastic waistband crochet sweater skirt.

 "The Ataraxia Crochet Sweater"
Pearl donned long sleeved crochet sweater.

 "The Chevelure Crochet Sweater"
Wide sleeved cropped crochet semi-chunky cable sweater.

 "The Lucelence Crochet Wrap"
Long-sleeved crochet belted wrap sweater.

 "The Luar Crochet Cape"
Chunky crochet turtleneck cape with arm slits.

 "The Kapel Crochet Dress"
Chunky short-sleeved crochet sweater dress.

 "The Ammil Crochet Romper"
Spaghetti strapped crochet velvet romper shorts.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Fall Crochet Collection 2020

 Hello there!
 Oh it's finally Summer Time! This Collection has been on my mind for a few months, inspired by the 70's with colorful and free flowing designs. Wide sleeves and granny square-ish implemented techniques utilized to embrace the feeling of that era. With all the things that are occurring in our Universe right now, I wanted to create a fun, positive, joyful within self discovery Collection! That exact feeling of elation is what I desired to exhibit within this Collection. Although, we can't all rush to the Beach at this moment, we shall reach the shore one day to see and feel one of the many the Beauties this world has to offer! 

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8 Brand New FALL Designs

 "The Mystique Crochet Pants"
Drawstring cropped crochet pants with ruffled trim detailed.

 "The Morine Crochet Sweater"
Long sleeved with ruffle trimmed neckline and sleeves, lace inspired crochet sweater.

 "The Penelope Crochet Top"
Super wide length sleeves, cropped style crop top, perfect for layering.

 "The Glenelle Crochet Shorts"
Crochet Shorts with elastic waistband for comfort, aligned with pom pom detailing around the trim.

 "The Lesong Crochet Set"
Two for one Set, featuring Crochet skirt and Crochet oversized top, with cable inspired detailed trim.

 "The Umbridge Crochet Vest"
Sleeveless crochet vest, with cable inspired and bobble stitching.

 "The Desiny Crochet Maxi Dress"
Long maxi short sleeved crochet dress with two side open leg slits.

 "The Sophine Crochet Tunic"
Short-wide sleeved  crochet tunic, with a scoop neckline- that can be worn as a dress or with pants layered underneath.