Monday, January 17, 2011

D.I.Y This.

crocheted waist band, to a once floral cami which was diy into a skirt.

I turned an over sized floral cami, with lace strings, and turned it into a floral lace skirt with a crocheted waist band.
First, I cut off the straps of the tank.
Then I started to crochet a few rows/chains/technique to my own desire, in a circle.
After I finished, I sewed the band unto the lace skirt and boom there it is!
Pretty easy and a bunch of fun to wear. I plan on creating more seeing as its quite a quick project!
Oh and I have created my first crochet top, I basically created my own pattern and entirely winged it, like I usually do with all of my projects! Woot!

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