Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Learning and Loving.

Some new items that I have created thanks to the art of crochet!
teal and grey mini skirt with with drawstring tie.

front of top: cream/black top with tie in front.

back of top: cream and black with slight open back.

hot pink/burgundy/purple crochet belt.
 All of these items that I have created were entirely experimental, I mean, I absolutely love making scarves and hats, though I am truly desiring to expand. I am currently, drawing up different patterns and designs that I am hopeful and a bit scared to attempt, for it takes a lot of patience, but I am really wanting to go for it! I believe though it might appear difficult- why not try anyway and if you mess up, oh well start over, you'll get it eventually! It's all about learning and having fun while you do it! 


  1. I'm sorry for intruding...but I NEED that top pattern!! Can I please Please PLEASE have that!

  2. Oh you're not intruding!
    The pattern was created by me,
    So I will post a collection of patterns to share quite soon!