Wednesday, February 16, 2011


multi-colored skirt, (hot pink, fuchsia, turquoise, white) with detachable bow.

Sugar Coated Skirt.
Time to create, took 8-10 hours.
Made from my own pattern.
Used 4 different yarns. (Red Heart Yarn)
Sewn in zipper.

Ugh, I'm finally, kind of, getting back into the swing of things, with not only creating new items, but just in general. Took a mini vacay to Austin to hang out with some friends and ended up seeing snow in Texas for the first time (I'm from the East Coast and never thought I'd encounter it here.) Nevertheless, this is the piece I have made, I believe before I left, as well as the strapless dress below! I created both patterns myself as usual. Usually, I illustrate the item I want to create and go with a game plan, entirely winging it.

Strapless multi-colored crochet dress (teal, purple, yellow, pink, orange, white.)

Bubblegum Strapless Dress.
Time to create, took about 8 hours at the most.
Made from my own pattern.
Used 3 different yarns. (Red Heart Yarn)
Sewn in zipper.

Yum, I'm in love with mixing these colors around when I crochet, before I would usually go for darker colors, y'know it's Fall/Winter keep it low key. However, I feel like branching out into the multi-colored sky and coloring my old ways with a new view.

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