Monday, March 21, 2011

D.I.Y This! Reconstruction!

Here is a tutorial on how I took this dress (below) and made it into a skirt with a crochet waistband!

the dress before. the top of the dress did not fit me, though the rest of it did, so I decided to reconstruct it!
Ingredients Needed:
Two Different Yarns I used Lavender and Grey.
Hook Size 6.0MM
Thread and Needle
Measuring Tape 

First I cut off the lining of where the top of the dress was set.
Snipped off any leftover fabric.
Next, I started to crochet the band, I did a single crochet with the lavender yarn, for the first row and then row 2-5, I double crocheted the rest.
Next for the trim, I used the grey yarn.
For the trim, I chained three and single crochet into each hole.
After completing the trim. I started to thread the waistband unto the skirt.
Up close finish product.

Perfect for Spring!

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